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Most Advanced
Space CellCube

The KURO range is a fully autonomous system that conducts cell biological, pharmaceutical, and protein research onboard the International Space Station. The KURO technology maximizes the number of samples you can retrieve from your experiment giving you more bang for your buck. 

Heading to ISS in 2022

Exclusively Available for Earthlings

 Cell Microgravity.

Made by Biologist for Biologists

Compact design for intended use within general incubators and can accommodate existing cell culture plastics, flasks and plates. EXPLOR can be set up in a CO2 incubator with 37°C and 95% humidity.

Plug & Play | Easy Start

Integrated Control Module (Power & Communication) act as a single point control access to the EXPLOR. Our software is as easy as 3, 2, 1 LAUNCH

Radiation Ready | Dual Mode

EXPLOR is build ready for temperature and space radiation resistant to conduct advanced microgravity research with radiation.


Giving Humans an UNFAIR advantage in space

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Global Partners

Mutual Synergy & Alignment

EXPLOR is proud to be partnered with world-leading partners and leaders in each of their respective industry and we continue to strive for excellence with all our partners and partnerships.

IP Protection + Non-Disclosure

EXPLOR partnership often requires NDA and IP protection as the work we are doing is “out of this world” and we have an established legal team to ensure all developments conducted are protected to the highest standard.

Market Opportunities

EXPLOR is very open to partnership and collaboration with the global community to develop cutting-edge technologies for space and for humanity. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss your ideas!!

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EXPLOR Australia

P.O.Box 385, Broadway, NSW, 2007, Australia 

EXPLOR USA x BioGravity, LLC

Western Michigan University Medical Innovation Center 


(Opening in Tokyo 2022) 


(Landing 2024)

About Our Business

EXPLOR was established in 2018 in Sydney, Australia to offer researchers the tools to conduct breakthrough space sciences. Working together with our Australian and International partners, EXPLOR is excited to introduce our innovative solutions for real-world challenges and problems. Find out more about disruptive principles and our innovative team.



EXPLOR is constantly innovating and disrupting space biology and health technologies and we are proud of all our achievements and want to take you on our journey and be part of our family and community.  Check out our latest features. 

What Makes Us Special

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Empowering YOU to Innovate Beyond.

HOSHI   Space Performance Suit

The HOSHI collection is a next-generation space performance wear designed to address the health & medical needs of space tourists and explorers. Designed exclusively with world-renown fashion designers and biomedical engineers to deliver the ultimate in comfort and style. 

Sept 2021

KAGE  Space Robotic 

The KAGE robotic range pioneers the development of robotics to work alongside their human counterparts to explore and analyze their surroundings all the while offering health and medical protections through advanced sensors supported by AI remote monitoring.

Oct 2021

Space Products Ready to Use

EXPLOR HOSHI range is releasing a range of everyday ready-to-use products ranging from fashion, supplements, skincare and much more that will be available for everyone to enjoy to improve your personal health through space research, technology and development. Unveiling for Xmas 2021. 

Nov 2021

Habitat   Space Analogue x Testing

Using the latest in AI technology to conduct breakthrough constructing technologies for Moon and Mars analogue. Using satellite imaging, EXPLOR have identified multiple sites in Australia for establishing advanced analogue. EXPLOR is also establishing Lunar testing infrastructures for the space industry.

Dec 2021

Biopharma   Space Medicine

EXPLOR has developed both in-house and with our partners a number of proprietary processes and technologies to advance the production of space pharmaceutics to aid in physiological regeneration. EXPLOR is further developing other healthcare products derived from space microgravity research. 

Release 2022

Collab   Space Industry Collaboration

EXPLOR is proud to partner with industry leaders to develop and introduce collaborative products to add value to our users and customers and we are always open for collaboration. We've work with science suppliers to fashion designers to skincare products so nothing is too different or too hard for us. 

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