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Microgravity for Biology

EXPLOR is the only simulated microgravity device available dedicated for biological and pharmaceutical applciations. It is a a three-dimensional device for simulating microgravity or commonly known as the random positioning machine (RPM). With precision control of the both the X and Y axes of the arms, the EXPLOR can generate a “plane” at the center of the sample holder to minimize the effects of Earth’s gravitational vector close to 10^-3g which is same as on the International Space Station.

We Go Above
and Beyond

Cell Culture Ready.

The EXPLOR platform is low profile measuring 30 x 30 x 30cm that fits nicely inside any standard biological incubator. Its also lightweight at ~8kg and made of aluminium components that wont' rust or break easily. 

Easy to Use.

The EXPLOR was made to be plug & play and takes 10 mins to setup after you take it out of the box. So that you can focus on the important resarch questions and discoveries in which you seek. 

Long Term Microgravity.

The EXPLOR can provide short to long term microgravity exposure. The longest we've tested is 1 month straight but nothing stopping you to go longer providing the requirements for biological and pharmaceutical research and testing. 


The EXPLOR comes with accessories and holders to cater for different biological research and needs and if we dont' have what you are looking for, contact us and we will build it for you ! 

Products Designed For You

EXPLOR comes with a range of unique and specialized holders and accessories to ensure your experiments can go ahead and these have been tested over time for maximum compatibility and efficiency. 

Plug & Play 


Our engineers and software developers together with our UX/UI specialists have produced a simple and easy to use integrated system so that you can be up and running within minutes of getting your EXPLOR platform. No fuss and headaches. 

Simple. Easy. Straight Forward.

EXPLOR controller box sits outside the incubator and is low profile measuring 30 x 25cm and you just need to turn it on/off for operation. 

Easy to Use Software. 

EXPLOR software was designed and tested by users and complemented by IT dept. as simple to use and navigate and its really just 3, 2, 1 and launch. 

Applications  x Samples

Our Services

EXPLOR provides the user the ability to conduct short/long term microgravity studies right here on Earth. This provides significant advantage as it provides understanding and evaluation of response prior to actual space mission launches which is time-consuming and more costly.

The EXPLOR platform opens a new gateway into understanding and unlocking the underlying mechanisms of how to survive, explore space whilst providing benefits here on Earth.  

Our Services

  • Cell Culture

  • Cancer Research

  • Cell Therapy

  • Stem Cell Research

  • Drug Discovery

  • Tissue engineering

  • Mechanobiology

  • Protein Structural Analysis

  • Bacteria & Virus

Radiation Ready

EXPLOR is the only microgravity device on the market that has been demonstrated to be successfully applied under space radiation dosage exposure. This paves way for a new paradigm applying both radiation and microgravity simultaneously to your sample.

We Made it Affordable

We want to share our technology with the world and to make it easily accessible and affordable so you don't need a massive grant to be able to do your research and experiment and we have developed a number of options to suit different needs. Please contact our friendly representatives to discuss how we can help you with your needs. 




This is the complete package. 

EXPLOR Equipment + Software

Biological Accessories & Holders

Shipping & Delivery

Ongoing Customer Support

Education/ Research


EXPLOR Education/ Researcher pricing offer discounts to our pioneers which includes the whole package:

EXPLOR Equipment + Software

Shipping & Delivery

Ongoing Customer Support

Pay As You Go


We understand you might just want it for a few experiments so you can "rent" the EXPLOR platform and perform those crucial research. There is a few Terms&Conditions of course. 

If we dont 'have what you need

we will make it for you!

Our international team of designers, engineers and biologists will work with you to achieve your goals and we provide rapid prototyping to ensure fast turn-around. 

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EXPLOR Australia

P.O.Box 385, Broadway, NSW, 2007, Australia 

EXPLOR USA x BioGravity, LLC

Western Michigan University Medical Innovation Center 

with BioGravity LLC 


(Opening in Tokyo 2022) 


(Landing 2024)

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WOW WOW WOW, I can't believe its so easy to use. Thanks

University of New South Wales

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You guys did a great job making it so easy and simple to use. LOVE IT

University of Queensland

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I know you going to quote me so just one word "AWESOME"

Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

What Other RPM Companies Don't Know

The positioning of your cell payload is critical as cells are highly mechanosensitive and we have demonstrated the importance of cell positioning on the RPM. 

II spin my head right round 

This would involve 2 axes of rotation in order to achieve the resultant Z vector, an arm moving in the X plane and one arm moving in the Y plane.

Our Science Stacks Up 

The EXPLOR RPM has been tested to ensure the principles, math and reality all stacked up as demonstrated below figures where we can achieve constant velocity. 

Million Dollar Question. HOW? Tell Me.

A Random Positioning Machine continually provides random change in orientation relative to the gravity vector.

As there are multiple forces at work gravity may be averaged but is never eliminated (Beysens and Loon, 2015).


We can as such only get as close to zero as possible (10^-3g).

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