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EXPLOR Partners with Stardust Technologies to develop next-gen technologies for space health

EXPLOR Space Technologies is delighted to announce our first and unique partnership together with Stardust Technologies (Canada) to develop a series of technologies to assist in humans in space.

This joint partnership signifies the close ties between Australia and our Canadian counterpart to advance a gap in space health.

Stardust Technologies "EDEN Project" is the first of its kind VR world to address the mental health needs of current and future astronauts. EDEN allows the astronaut to interact with everyday people, Earth environment and much more to allow the astronaut to maintain a connection with their home planet. This is particularly important during long-term space missions.

EXPLOR Space Technologies x Stardust Technologies will take this technology and apply it to a number of space applications including simulation training and integrate with haptic technology to enhance the "human interaction" whilst in space. One of the key challenges with VR simulation in space is the effect of microgravity and Stardust Technologies have demonstrated their proprietary platform works and functions seamlessly under microgravity.

"We are particularly excited to partner with Stardust Technologies to develop a number of exciting opportunities that will have both space and Earth-bound applications
Dr. Joshua Chou | CEO EXPLOR Space Technologies

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