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EXPLOR Presents Space Biology Research at National Space Society of Australia (NSSA)

Dr. Joshua Chou , CEO EXPLOR Space Technologies, presented in an online webinar for the National Space Society Australia (NSSA) on the topics of

The Human Element: Surviving and Thriving in Space

Watch the full webinar here >

Dr. Joshua Chou, one of Australia’s leading exponents of space biology and health, offers fascinating insights into his research in mechanobiology and the health impacts of microgravity and radiation to the human body. The webinar The Human Element: Surviving and Thriving in Space presents new research into improving health conditions such as cancer, brain tumors and osteoporosis paired with findings from space travel. Find out more about real world implications of space medicine and its application to everyday pharmaceuticals here.

EXPLOR Space Technologies RPM simulated microgravity instrument empowers researchers the ability to conduct advance cell biology research and experiments into unlocking fundamental tissue and organ mechanisms to develop better clinical therapies and drug discovery.

Visit EXPLOR Space Technologies to find out more about our space solutions for the real-world.

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