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EXPLOR Publishes "Modelling Impact of Microgravity on Cells and Diseases" in Leading Journal

EXPLOR Space Technologies research team together with our international partners and collaborators are excited to share with everyone our new publication in Frontiers Cell and Developmental Biology titled:

Modeling the Impact of Microgravity at the Cellular Level: Implications for Human Disease

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This latest publication provides a review on how microgravity research using the EXPLOR Space Technologies RPM simulated microgravity instrument can provide researchers the ability to unlock cell biology understanding and advance drug discovery.

Human physiology and diseases that have existed on Earth have no memory of exposure to the microgravity environment and as such provides a unique environment to study different cellular and disease response and function.

What the EXPLOR Space Technologies team have demonstrated is that in cancer cells when exposed to microgravity, some of the cells "lift off" and some remains intact. This phenomenon is particularly interesting as the cells that have lifted off are actually not dead but remain functional. The research now is to understand the difference in response and to unlock a deeper understanding of how human diseases function by exposing them to microgravity and thereby inhibiting mechanotransduction pathways.

The EXPLOR Space Technologies RPM simulated microgravity instrument is designed to conduct advanced cell biology experiments and we are constantly updating our accessories to support different research and needs. Speak to our research team and if there is something we currently dont' have, we will make it with you.

Visit EXPLOR Space Technologies today and launch your space mechanobiology and microgravity research.

"EXPLOR's vision is to empower researcher with the tools and technology that is easy to use and economical and supported by real-world scientists that are world-leaders in this space to grow and expand microgravity research for the advancement of human health.
Dr. Joshua Chou | CEO EXPLOR Space Technologies

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