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EXPLOR x YURI Microgravity to send bone cells to ISS to investigate new therapy for bone loss

EXPLOR Space Technologies is excited to work with YURI Microgravity (Germany) to launch a cell bioreactor experimental payload to the International Space Station (ISS) to study the effects of real microgravity on bone remodeling cells, osteocytes and the effectiveness of a new therapy pharmaceutics to counter the effects of microgravity on bone remodeling.

Bone loss in astronauts whilst in space mirrors closely to the conditions of human osteoporosis. In previous studies on the ISS, sclerostin antibody treatment that counteracts the effect of microgravity by targeting the SOST gene and subsequently sclerostin production have shown to prevent bone loss from the lack of mechanical loading. This has since being introduced onto the market as an anti-osteoporotic medication further demonstrating the impact of microgravity research in space.

The human body relies on constant bone remodeling to maintain bone health and strength and by studying how osteocytes respond under real microgravity and testing new therapeutics provides an effective paradigm for understanding osteoporosis.

EXPLOR Space Technologies ISS mission with YURI Microgravity provides a unique opportunity to further advance our understanding of the silent diseases osteoporosis together with our partner universities from Mayo Clinic and Dana Farber Cancer Institute. This mission signifies the importance, impact and global collaboration towards addressing this important health issue by looking towards the stars for solution.

"This research mission to the ISS to test this new compound is truly exciting and will accelerate and advance our understanding on addressing the need for effective osteoporotic therapies.
Dr. Joshua Chou | CEO EXPLOR Space Technologies

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