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The Human Element.

The EXPLOR multidisciplinary team is here to support you and your research and innovation. No asks is too great or out ot of this world. Our dedicated team will work with you or we will co-develop it with you. In our support page we strive to provide as much information as we can but if its not here, just reach out to our support team. 

How To Install Your BIOGRAVITY RPM Device

Unpack Your Biogravity

The EXPLOR Biogravity RPM is action-packed with all the accessories and cables you need to get your experiment up and running in 5 mins. Make sure you check if anything is damaged or missing. 

Load the BioPlate In

The BioPlate is your sample holder where you will place your precious cargo on. You can use the provided accessories to anchor your samples or use good old fashion tape to stabilize your samples.

Connect All the Cables

There is only four cables you need to connect to POWER (A), your computer(B) and two cables into the RPM and controller box (C) and (D). Thats it and you turn on power and its of to the software. 

Launching the BIOGRAVITY 

Launch the EXPLOR software

Once you've launched the EXPLOR software we need to establish the connection between the RPM and your computer. First go into SETUP to find the Biogravity. 

Connect the BIOGRAVITY

The COM port selection might not be COM1 and will vary between computers. Find one that makes your Biogravity come alive. 

Set the time 

Set your experimental time from mins to days depending on what you need. Just put in the magic number and get ready to launch!

LAUNCH ! Its go time

The moment you've been waiting for. Hit that launch button and wait a sec and you should see your Biogravity spin spin. Congrats ! 

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EXPLOR Australia

P.O.Box 385, Broadway, NSW, 2007, Australia 

EXPLOR USA x BioGravity, LLC

Western Michigan University Medical Innovation Center 


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The Answers You Need

Currently, the EXPLOR software is only available for Windows OS and does not require a high-spec computer. We've run the software even on Win95 ! Future release will support MAC OS. 

Does the EXPLOR software support MAC ?

1. Ensure that the right COM PORT has been selected if the device power has been cycled.
2. Ensure the device has power and the power LED light on the controller box is on
3. Cycle power and reboot
4. Restart the EXPLOR software and try again

I've pressed LAUNCH but the BIOGRAVITY is not moving.

1. Ensure the BIOGRAVITY device is powered on (check controller box light)
2. Ensure the USB cable is properly plugged into both ends (controller box and your computer)

3. Make sure your computer have finished installing your USB driver. 

4. Restart the EXPLOR software and try again

No COM PORT Is visible in drop down menu.

The EXPLOR platform undergoes a vigorous QC process to ensure it arrives to you ready to launch but on occasions just like space launches, things do happen along the way. If you have any specific questions or troubleshooting please reach out to our support team and we will get back to you promptly. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and speed. 

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Watch the Installation Guide.

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